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DISCO joined federal energy initiative ÖKOPROFIT

DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE is glad to announce that we are now part of the federal energy efficiency network.

DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE environment contribution


The initiative guides companies in accomplishing an inventory of respective saving potentials backed by support of energy consultants. On this basis, the exchange of experience is vital: During the agreed duration of the network, the energy experts from the participating companies meet regularly to discuss concrete topics and developments in energy efficiency. These expert panels thus create the basis for individual companies to decide on investments to save energy costs. Based on previous experience, the initially set network goals are achieved over the entire term or even significantly outbid, so that tangible energy cost reductions are likely to expect. By joining Munich’s local efficiency network ÖKOPROFIT, the target of DGS is to commit into energy saving and technical innovation and to engage into a knowledge and experience exchange with other local businesses.


The federal network initiative thus makes an important contribution to achieving the climate and energy policy objectives of the Federal Republic of Germany. More info: http://www.effizienznetzwerke.org/




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