Polishing (MIGAKU) – Adding Value through Polishing

If the surfaces of electronic components are of poor quality, performance and mechanical strength can be adversely affected. These problems can be solved if the surfaces of the electronic components are improved by tools such as a wafer polisher. DISCO provides precision polishing equipment that deliver optimum smooth polishing.

All DGS applications are offered for various materials up to 300 mm in combination with:

  • Wafer lamination
  • Wafer mounting
  • UV irradiation of UV-tapes
  • Inspection (chipping inspection, die strength testing, etc.)
  • Vacuum sealed packaging under N2

Dry Polishing

"Dry Polishing" is a process for smoothing wafers without the application of chemicals and additives. The process eliminates tensile forces in the wafer and increases its resistance to fracture.
Surface roughness: Ra 0,7nm