Why dicing-grinding service by DISCO?

DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE's Dicing-Grinding Service (DGS) is an integral component of any manufacturing stage when it comes to high precision processing of ICs, MEMS, LEDs, other micro components and their inspection/metrology. As a complete service, DGS implements exact customer requirements as well as develops ideal material handling. Therefore, DGS combines the most applicable machining method, speed, blade, wheel and several other conditions. DGS is the most efficient partner for mass manufacturing, developing prototypes, product optimization, adding value and outsourcing dicing-grinding requirements to a flexible and dependable partner. All services are offered in combination with lamination, mounting and vacuum packaging of wafers.

Typical materials we process are:

●  Silicon and other semiconductors
●  Sapphire
●  Glass
●  SiC
●  Ceramics
●  GaAs
●  Quartz
●  Bonded Materials

Many others upon request – Contact us for consultation 


Our service includes detailed and extensive metrology/inspection bringing into use IR/white light, automated optical inscpection, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy.


Metrology, AOI, Microscopy, white light, IR

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DGS Dicing-Grinding Service

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