Dicing-Grinding Service: Our Purpose

Part of global semiconductor development through advanced dicing-grinding services

Our objective is to be the best partner for any industrial supply chain step, prototype development or scientific application whenever advanced dicing-grinding services are required. Started from test cuts at DHE, the main point which has driven our business was our customers’ demands. Therefore, DGS responds to the demands of customers and aligns the strategic focus to customer requirements. According to this and market developments like emerging materials, DGS develops ever new unconventional and smart processes. A significant market development is the emergence of the Internet of Things (IOT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), which constitute the digital transformation. DGS contributes to global digitalization by processing smaller and smarter sensors, microprocessors and increasing digital storage capacity that enables strong computing performance. Still, DGS is open to all industries that have a demand for advanced dicing-grinding technologies. Small, medium-sized and large enterprises are part of our customer base. Today our team of 15 application engineers and 15 processing engineers and operators ensure efficiency, innovation and quality. We are pleased to be the main contact and market leader in advanced dicing-grinding services.

In order to provide our customers with the highest degree of transparency, we have an ERP web application in order to understand every production step. Traceability is always guaranteed.

History of DGS




First Dicing-Grinding Processing at DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE



Dicing-Grinding-Service (DGS) becomes a separate department of DHE including a 30m² cleanroom and two machines



First clean room extension: 130m² cleanroom and 20 machines



Introduction of shift work for processing


August 2013

Launch New clean room in the new building extension (400m²)


April 2014

Launch of (Stealth) Laser Processes for DGS


April 2015

Launch of Automated Optical Inspection Tool



10 000 wafer processed per month in average 


August 2017

Number of Machines 35+


February 2018

Latest ISO 9001:2015 Certification (original certification: September 1997)


February 2018

Latest ISO 14001:2015 Certification (original certification: March 2008)


May 2018

Launch Clean Room Extension (800 m²); total processing area now 1330m²



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