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Partnership Evatec AG

We are really proud to announce our new partnership with Evatec AG for the post process of "sputtering".


Partnership Evatec AG

The aim of this bilateral cooperation is the mutual exchange of technologies and services as well as the further development of processes. Interested parties and customers of DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE GmbH will be able to purchase solutions around Evatec’s CLUSTERLINE® 300 II as of the end of 2019. This additional integrated service increases the benefit for customers who can then have the post process of "sputtering" carried out “in house” in Kirchheim. We are pleased to have gained such an important strategic partner and, thanks to this synergy of our processes and technologies, to continue developing and improving it in the future as well.


About Evatec AG

From 5G mobile network solutions and the new generation of intelligent HB LED based lighting in our automobiles to Gesture Recognition technology and EMI shielding for smart phones, the thin film deposition systems from Evatec enable manufacture of the world’s highest performance optical, optoelectronic and semiconductor devices. Their Advanced Process Control (APC) technologies enable new level of thin film performance and production yield.

Evatec AG - Hauptstrasse 1a - CH-9477 Trübbach - Switzerland
Tel +41 81 403 8000 - Fax +41 81 403 8001


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