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Within DGS, we accept every challenge to  find the most suitable application solution to fulfill special requirements to the best achievable target. For that, we are constantly developing extraordinary solutions to be ahead of the curve. DGS is the sole supplier of a wide range of processes which are designed and developed in-house.

Our special solutions can be performed in combination with our standard processes in order to achieve the optimum result.

Dicing before Grinding (DBG)

DBG is the preferred process when both dicing and grinding has to be performed on thin wafers. DBG is the application to achieve demands for ultra-compact packaging, handling large diameter wafers and guaranteeing a higher yield due to zero wafer breakage. The wafer is initially grooved using a process called Half Cut Dicing. Subsequently, back grinding is performed until reaching the groove and, thus, separating the dies. Dicing before grinding is the convenient complete package offered by DGS ensuring a perfect backside quality and zero edge chipping.

plasma etching utilizes plasma as a medium for abrasion, removes post-grinding damage at sub-surface

Plasma Etching

Plasma Etching is a post grinding stress relief application using plasma as a medium for material removal. Sub-surface damage caused by grinding is removed and sharp edges are smoothed. The main benefits of plasma etching are increased die strength, reduction of warpage and prevention of wafer breakage. Consequently, plasma etching ensures reliability improvement of devices, which are exposed to external stress, for instance IC-cards.

Other applications are possible, e.g. handle wafer removal from SOI wafers.

surface planarization reduces the tention of ground wafers , increases die strength and flexibility

Surface Planarization

DGS provides high-precision planarization of ductile materials such as gold, copper, solder, polyimide, or resins and compound substrate by processing with a diamond bit. Likewise, surface planarization is a solution for reducing bump height variation and surface unevenness. It can also be applied for tape planarization prior to grinding to reduce total wafer thickness variation (TTV).

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