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Today’s requirements for abrasive grinding technologies are increasing as electronic devices are becoming smaller and thinner. Super thin electronic components are the key to current market demands. Our customer’s requirements are clear to us: providing wafer grinding solutions to achieve the best results from abrasive processes meeting end customer’s demands for ever thinner devices. That for, we use several DISCO grinder and polisher on site. Further, we offer advanced processes for demanding dicing-grinding applications. 

grind ultra thin, microns, griding and dicing with grinding wheel

Single Wafer Grinding

With single wafer grinding ultra-thin wafer grinding is possible. The wafer passes rough and fine grinding steps that reduce the thickness as required. Also different surface roughness may be achieved by selecting appropriate abrasive tools and processing.

grinding sections or parts for broken wafers to avoid complete loss of dies

Partial Wafer Grinding

Partial Wafer Grinding is an efficient grinding method to process broken or damaged wafers, or wafer sections. This technique can be employed to process wafers that had been damaged, or wafer sections that are still intact, thereby avoiding loss of the entire wafer material.

die individual dies wich are alreadyseparated from the substrate

Individual Die (Chip) Grinding

DGS processes individual dies that are already separated from the substrate. This is primarily implemented when only single dies are available.

preventing damage by edge trimming, strenght, edge quality

Edge Trimming (by Grinding)

Bonded wafer grinding or ultra-thin grinding may cause edge chipping which is one of the critical issues leading to wafer breakage. Chipping may be induced by the rounded profile of the wafer's outer edges. The edge trimming process eliminates the rounded profile of the outer edge ensuring edge strength and chipping decrease.

ultrapoligrind and poligrind enhances surface quality

Poligrind / Ultrapoligrind

Poligrind is performed by Disco’s ultra-fine diamond abrasive tools. Compared to standard grinding, Poligrind delivers superior performance regarding die strength as well as excellent post-grinding surface condition. At the same time, Poligrind is a non-chemical stress-relief process, which has reduced environmental impact.    
Surface roughness: Poligrind Ra: 9nm Ultrapoligrind Ra: 4nm.

TAIKO is an outer support ring for thin wafers to ease wafer handling

Taiko Grinding

TAIKO is a DISCO developed wafer back grinding method. By enabling an outer support ring to the wafer (the TAIKO ring, Japanese for drum), back grinding is performed on the inner circular area of the wafer, while leaving an edge of a few millimeters unprocessed. Taiko simplifies thin wafer handling and lowers warpage. 

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