Polishing (Migaku) - Adding Strength and Value

Wafer backside polishing post grinding is a form of stress relief for ground (thin) wafers, which can offer high die strength and superior wafer surface condition.

dry polishing enhances the ground and rough suface after grinding to add die strength and quality

Dry Polishing

Wafer dry polishing achieves the desired mirror finish to the workpiece ensuring excellent stress relief to the dies and therefore, high die strength for thin and fragile wafers. Dry polishing process is chemical-free and slurry-free. By dry polishing, the damaged layer that is inevitably remaining after grinding, is removed. A special gettering wheel was produced to avoid the gettering effect.



CMP combines chemical slurry and mechanical force as an abrasive to smooth and planarize the surface structure. Mechanical stress such as micro-damages or irregularities may occur from back grinding process. CMP is a stress relief technique to remove these damages and ensure high strength for thin dies.

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